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Freeport Integrated Health Center, Chiropractic Clinic in Freeport, ME

Chiropractic Clinic in Freeport, Maine

Freeport Integrated Health Center of Freeport, Maine, is a chiropractic clinic that provides effective relief for a variety of muscle and joint conditions. Dr. James Hendricks* specializes in compassionate personalized chiropractic care featuring manipulation combined with addtional therapies such as: electrial stimulation, hot/cold packs, ultrasound, Kinesio taping, office stretching/ stengthening and at home custom exercise plans to treat general muscle and joint pain or for specific injuries from sports, at the workplace, at home, repetitive activity or auto accidents. Relief from joint and muscle discomfort is just the beginning when it comes to the benefits of chiropractic therapy. Feel better faster with therapy from our chiropractic clinic in Freeport, Maine.

Manipulating Away the Pain
At Freeport Integrated, we have 16 years of experience. Dr. Hendricks started this practice to provide patients with an alternative method of care for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, rather than turn to medication or surgery. 

A small sample of conditions treated here at the office:

  • Spinal Pain (disc injury, sciatica, headaches and arthritis pain, etc)
  • Shoulder Pain (rotator cuff syndrome, impingment, etc)
  • Elbow or Wrist Pain (golfer's elbow, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, etc)
  • Hip or Knee Pain (ITB syndrome, bursitis, patello-femoral syndrome, Runner's Knee, etc)
  • Foot & Ankle Pain (ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, Achilles Tendinitis etc)

The above is limited list of the condtions treated here at the office, just a small example, if you have specific questions about your symptoms or pain, do not hestitate to contact us and you will speak directly with the doctor. You do not need to live with daily pain.

Many ask what sets this office apart? First it is personalized care and attentions to your needs, there are no "cookie cutter" treatment plans here at this office.  Secondly, don't expect to sit in the waiting room and read Nation Geographic from 1990.  We pride ourselves on running on schedule, your time is as important as ours.  Lastly, while Dr Hendricks is expereinced in treating all types of joint and muslce related conditions/injuries, but his strength lies with sports and exercise related conditions.  Combined with having been a competive athlete for nearly 25 years, he has 34 years of expereince with exercise/strengthening and understands the mentality of the competive athlete and what it takes to get you back into form.  

To ensure your needs are met, we provide you with more personal attention and answer any questions* you have. All care here at this office is personalized and tailored to fit your specific needs.  We also publish monthly articles that provide you with additional information about the benefits of chiropractic care and medical related topics.

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